Which is your ski level? Davos Klosters is ready for all type of skiers!


Trying to take the first steps of skiing or carving into the snow in high speed ? If you are in Davos Klosters, that is a mere detail. Considered one of the most important ski resorts in Europe, it offers areas for all levels, whatever yours is. And yes – that is one of the reasons this Swiss area is so unique and differentiated for the lovers of this sport.

Which is your ski level?

Davos Klosters is ready for all type of skiers! Discover your level, write down our tips and get ready to ski in Davos Klosters.

Beginner areas

The MADRISA mountain is the best-known area for beginners in Klosters. Slopes are at an altitude of 1,884 m, and you can practice, learn the basic principles and have fun.
There, the sun shines all day long – together with the fantastic view, it completes the breathtaking landscape, being an invitation to the sports learning.

The chairlift takes you to other levels: After learning the primary points, you can address to the highest parts of the mountain on a brand new, very comfortable and heated chairlift. When approaching a nice blue slope, you will enjoy even more beautiful views of the region, and there you will find Zügenhüttli, a comfortable and inviting restaurant.

In fact, Madrisa offers some gastronomic options, two of them also opened in 2017: Terry is a prominent and distinguished self-service restaurant located at the station with a playroom for kids.

Walk up, and there is Madrisa Hof’s fantastic food; its blockhouse is found in the sunniest part of the region, and the mountain views may be watched from its large terrace with lounges. After practising, you can sit there and enjoy a drink, while your kids are skiing.

14 - Which is your ski level? Davos Klosters is ready for all type of skiers!

If you prefer not to go up the mountain, the best option is Skilift SELFRANGA in Klosters, opened in 1937. It is a great option for an easy ski day for beginners and families with a small cosy restaurant. Have you ever skied at night? Experience this adventure there; the lift is open on Tuesdays and Fridays until 9 pm.

In Davos, you will hear about Bolgen Plaza, one of the most popular places for learning ski and snowboard.

However, we recommend SCHATZALP,known as “the magic mountain” – altitude from 1,861m to 2,350m – for adult beginners accompanied by a private ski teacher. Its smooth and empty slopes are perfect for the ones who intend to practice to change their ski level. The area offers a hotel that is an old sanatorium and multiple choices of delicacies to pick up from six different restaurants.

Is it all about skiing? Definitely not! If that is not your thing, try walking trails or one of the funniest activities: Sledging run. Prices for the tours and rides offer an excellent value for money – enjoy it!

From the centre of Davos Platz, it is possible to get there by train, which will take you right up on the mountain.

5 - Which is your ski level? Davos Klosters is ready for all type of skiers!

The best intermediate areas

There is an ideal resort connecting Klosters Davos for the ones who find themselves in the middle process of ski learning. If in Klosters, the area is called Gotschna, and from Davos, you will find it as PARSENN.

Its wide slopes allow the trainees to train with ease, and the area restaurants are great, for varied tastes. Many of the slopes are identified by numbers, and we have set up a small ski guide for you to make the most of your visit.

15 - Which is your ski level? Davos Klosters is ready for all type of skiers!

In PARSENN, Totalp (number 15) is one of the most sought blue slopes. The stop is mandatory at the Totalp Restaurant, in the middle of the route, perfect for relaxing, resting your legs and enjoying the view and the sun through its glass walls.

Allow yourself to go down from Weissfluhjoch (number 17) to Schifer (number 21/22). You will admire one of the most beautiful views in the red slopes, offered on this route. Schiffer Stall is a delightful and very highly recommended restaurant on the mountain, where you can find seats in or out.

Seetäli lift (number 30) will be your chance of skiing and seeing a Steinbock! You will not want to lose this perfect Instagramable moment – get your camera ready!

From Weissfluhjoch, choose the number 4 and ski down in a nice red slope called Rapid Lift. There, if you are a speed fan, you can test yourself at the BMW X Drive Cup Station. Höhenweg restaurant will be waiting for you at the end of the path; they have the best pizza of the mountains, topped with an incredible view of Davos – as usual!

9 - Which is your ski level? Davos Klosters is ready for all type of skiers!

Is party your middle name? Try skiing in JAKOBSHORN, where you will find the best après-ski and parties in the most lively mountain restaurants. On Fuxägufer, it is worth dropping by for lunch, a drink or even a coffee; the place offers a hectic schedule of events, with vibrant meetings!

Go to the top and ski in slope number 8, a nice blue run to Fuxägufer, and then go down to Davos via slope number 3. Chalet Güggel is the gastronomic – and entirely Swiss! – option we recommend here.

Still on the mountain, but finished skiing for the day? A vibrant local spot to relax and have fun is Jatzthütte – for dancing, partying and meeting friends. Let your body move to the music!

Advanced ski

We have told you MADRISA is excellent for beginners, but guess what? That is the most versatile mountain in the Klosters area, so it offers excellent off-piste and also some slopes made for advanced skiers.

2 - Which is your ski level? Davos Klosters is ready for all type of skiers!

It becomes the best option for couples or groups that have people already experienced in skiing and those who are just getting started – it is ready to please everyone! A smooth black piste links Madrisa to Klosters, and in its route, you can have a break at Ericka Restaurant, famous for being one of Prince Charles’s favourites.

One of the main and most interesting routes in PARSENN is from Weissfluhgipfel to Küblis. Ski from Weissfluhgipfel, a 2,844 m altitude – Parsenn’s highest point – down to Küblis, which is 810m high. Schedule yourself to have lunch at the Gipfel Restaurant, with a shivering view and a mouth-watering menu with specialities from the Alps.

Alternatively, you can try a long and winding run: Take the black piste number 7 down to Davos. Also, you can go down to Wolfgang via number 13, where you can spend the rest of the day at the Kessler Kulm hotel restaurant. Coming back is simple: You can go to Davos by bus, or to Klosters by train.

Go off-piste: Get to JAKOBSHORN mountain in Davos, and take the number 14 down to the Davos Teufi, or piste number 13 to the Sertigtal, the idyllic valley with a stunning rural landscape.

8 - Which is your ski level? Davos Klosters is ready for all type of skiers!

By bus, you can return to Davos and enjoy the Bolgen Plaza Restaurant, at the foot of the Jakobshorn mountain:There are inviting beach chairs to relax.The venue is also famous for its party mood – DJs are playing there every night.

The level of knowledge and mastery of skiing is only a detail in Davos Klosters. The abundant nature, with its surfaces and landscapes, is an invitation and a warm welcome to all. However, planning your trip may cause too many questions – after all, there are so many names and numbers.

So do not worry: Ride and Smile organises everything – we plan each of your days, book hotel and restaurants, identify the best slopes for your level, make sure you have an instructor booked when needed and give you more free time to enjoy your holidays!