Kid’s Hiking in Davos Klosters


Vacation with children always requires some care and much planning. The chosen activities need to be fun and attractive. Focused on the little ones, Ride and Smile lists some tips for hiking with kids in Davos Klosters. Kids have different needs on their hiking day. It’s necessary to think about the trail, the distance, the obstacles. For example, the distance needs to be suitable for them, and when they get tired, a backpack carrier is a great solution, especially for children under 6.

The trail has to be full of adventure and plenty of water on the way, so they can get distracted and explore. Walking – with no special features, views, or distractions – gets annoying for them very quickly. Davos Klosters has several possibilities for perfect trails for children that cater to all ages.


Monbiel to Alp Garfiun

Perfect for small kids and babies. It’s an easy trail on top of Klosters, and it’s ideal for introducing little ones to hiking or even strolling all the way. There are several places for picnic or barbecue in front of the river with the most beautiful landscapes.

3 - Kid’s Hiking in Davos Klosters


Dwarf Path | Zwergenweg

Lovely for kids of all ages – for the little ones we recommend taking the backpack carrier because some parts become tiresome. In this trail, you can enter the fantasy world of goblins. The fun for them is guaranteed as the whole trail is full of distractions. Visit the website:

  • Note 1 : Not accessible with a strolle
  • Note 2: The bus stop is Brachweg – Aeuja                                                                                                                         


Children’s land, fairytale world, a paradise of legends. These are all possible names for this mountain that is always thinking of offering the best for the kids. In addition to infrastructure and a playground exclusively for children, the possibilities for hiking are many and recommended for the whole family.
We particularly recommend the trail from Madrisa top station to Mässplate Area until Schnittlig-Boden.

Madrisa Mountain is the Children's land, fairytale world, a paradise of legends.

Vereina Valley

For those who are not that small, we recommend visiting this exceptional place called Vereina Valey. How about spending a night on the mountain in the Berghaus Vereina.It can be much fun for the kids. There you will find several possibilities of trails, but our favorites for children are:

Gotschna Sport offers a daily shuttle to Vereina and back to klosters. For information and reservation:

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Lake Davos

Walking around Lake Davos is a pleasant, easy walk and caters for children of all ages. For the little ones in the strollers, there will be no shortage of things to observe. For older kids, the possibilities for sports and attractions are numerous – wakeboarding, sailing, pedal boats, volleyball and even a swimming pool with infrastructure for the little ones.

5 - Kid’s Hiking in Davos Klosters

Sertig Valley

It is undoubtedly among our recommendations. This place is always special, all year round and for the whole family. If necessary take the Davos bus there.

To the big waterfall way, it is marked out, and it is only about one hour walk for adults. It’s a slow and pleasant walking. If the kids still have energy, you can rent scooters at Walserhuus and get down to Davos Frauenkirche. Here fun is guaranteed!

You also have some delicious restaurants in the Sertigtal, as Bergführer and Walserhuus.


On top of Rinerhorn there is a great place in Davos for kids! The Rinerhorn has a children’s zoo, playground, campfire, mountain trails. All families can have fun there. Kids can also reach the Alpine children’s zoo at the top station.

There’s also a campfire site perfect to couples with babies because it can be easily reached pushchairs in Äbirügg. Once you and your family are there, you can relax and have a picnic with a spectacular view firewood table.

But remember: for adults with very slow speed it is 30-minute walking from the top station of the cable car. Nothing better than enjoying your free time with no worries.

Vacation with children always requires some care and much planning

Nothing better than enjoying your free time with no worries. Ride and Smile knows the best Davos Klosters can offer for you and your family. If you visit Davos Klosters, we will be happy to plan a holiday trip for you. Get in touch!