Searching for Private Ski Class in Davos and Klosters?

By sliding on the snow, skiing requires courage and some skill of the practitioners. However, even those who have never skied in the snow can learn some techniques from a ski school in Davos Klosters, Ride and Smile.

In addition to the right techniques, this adventure sport – which has gained space between adults and children – requires certain care, which guarantees the protection of those who want to have fun with safety.

If you also wish to have the exciting skiing experience in Davos Klosters and find qualified instructors to teach you, know a little about  Davos Klosters and Ride and Smile ski & snowboard school. 

Skiing in Davos Klosters

Davos is one of the highest cities in Switzerland – with more than 1,500 meters of altitude – being surrounded by snow-capped mountains in the winter. Divided into six areas, the Parsenn region is one of the most popular, as it is linked to Klosters, the perfect place for snow skiing.

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In Davos Klosters, all the slopes are classified by colour, being:

  • Blue for beginners, these are free for those who are starting to ski, because their route is much more pleasant and offers fewer risks;
  • Red for intermediaries: Indicated for those who already have experience in skiing, but must practice;
  • Black to advanced level, the slopes path with a high level of difficulty, requiring of the practitioners much dexterity in the movements.

Although Klosters is a small village next to Davos, the place attracts the attention of tourists for offering gourmet restaurants, cosy accommodations and lots of snow.

Learn the techniques with the private ski lesson in Davos 

At Ride and Smile, we believe that all the attractions at the ski resort of Davos Klosters can be better utilised when tourists can safely combine skiing techniques without forgetting how important it is to have fun.

As Manuel Vögel, founder of Ride and Smile says:

“Smiling and skiing is always easier.”

Ride and Smile : ski school and snowboard school in Davos Klosters 

Manuel Vogel founded the ski school Ride and Smile with the intention of presenting to the visitors the whole range of different activities, in winter and summer, to do in the place.

Manuel used all his experience as a ski instructor and travel guide in a project that worked well and now offers a personalised service for groups of friends and families.

Take advantage of having a travel guide that will teach you to ski in Davos!

Ride and Smile has the best ski instructor and travel guide in Davos Klosters to accompany you on all the greatest adventures and discoveries in the region.

Contact us and start your private Ski lesson!

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man wearing orange jacket and green helmet skiing on the slope in Davos

Written by Ride and Smile

October 15, 2018