MTB Trails for Kids in Davos Klosters


Did you know that Davos Klosters is considered the Meka of MTB? Enjoy more than 700 km of well-prepared and well-connected single trails in one of the best destinations for MTB enthusiast. Even the most experienced drivers will get their money’s worth here. At the same time, the region also offers beautiful and interesting routes that are particularly suitable for beginners and children from about 10 years. We have put together some tips and information so that nothing stands in the way of an eventful family excursion in the Swiss mountains!

All routes described have a single trail section and can be reached by public transport or shuttle service. Appropriate protective equipment is always mandatory – this includes knee and elbow pads, gloves and a well-fitting bicycle helmet. For longer descents, we particularly recommend the use of a full-face helmet.

If you or your child have very little mountain biking experience, we recommend booking one of our bike guides for the excursion. These can provide valuable tips and guide you to the most appropriate paths.

General tips for mountain biking with children

Before setting off, we recommend that you take note of the following tips, especially if children are going on the mountain bike tour with you.

  • Make sure your child’s bicycle is fully functional. Check tire pressure and brakes before starting the tour with the child.
  • The tire pressure should not be too high as the tires have to absorb small impacts. Most children’s bikes do not have full suspension.
  • Check the brakes carefully and make sure the child can brake sufficiently with two fingers.
  • Make sure the protective gear fits well.
  • Plan the route with enough breaks and take a small snack and drinks with you in your backpack.
  • An excellent tool on a trip with children is a bungee cord. If necessary, this can be mounted on the wheels in order to pull a child with it.
5 - MTB Trails for Kids in Davos Klosters

 MTB Trails recommended for kids in Klosters

 1. From Davos Wolfgang to Klosters

Use the train or shuttle service to get to Davos Wolfgang. From there you can choose between several options for cycling back to Klosters. Our recommendation is to ride on a narrow gravel road in the direction of Davos Laret. There is a very steep section on this route which can be difficult for children or beginners. Safe braking with both front and rear brakes is a prerequisite for mastering this part safely. The length of this section is about 300 meters. That is why it can also be covered easily on foot. Our tour continues across the main road through the beautiful village of Laret to the lake Schwarzsee. Once there, you should take a break at the small kiosk and enjoy the snack or just jump into the lake.

After you have crossed the rail station of Laret, you continue on single trails towards Klosters – if you want to shorten the tour here, you can take the train directly back to Klosters.

The single trail towards Klosters is not easy at all and requires concentration even from adult beginners. On the way you will cross the A-Line. If your kid enjoys jumping or trail riding, you can ride down the trail there. However, you can also simply continue on the forest road in the direction of Klosters.

If you want to get more information, just click here and watch the youtube video. 

 2. From Klosters to Landquart

For a leisurely bike ride without single trails, we recommend a ride along the Landquart river in the direction of On this bike trip you have the possibility to continue the tour by train at several points. Click here for more information!

 3. Round trip in Klosters

For a round trip in Klosters, we recommend riding along the Landquart river on the right side with a view into the valley to the Alp Garfiun restaurant. The route continues following the river as the climb up to the village of Mobil is strenuous for both children and adults without an e-bike. On the way back from Alp Garfiun, we recommend cycling to Klosters through the village of Mobil. Click here for more information!

If you are looking for more challenging adventure, you can of course also ride the described family bike route from Davos Klosters.

8 - MTB Trails for Kids in Davos Klosters

 MTB Trails in Davos

1. From Dürrboden to Davos 

In Davos, the path from Dürrboden is particularly suitable for children with bike experience. The tour begins at the Dürrboden restaurant. From there, a hiking trail runs alongside the road, so you can return to the normal road at any time. At an altitude of 1.597 m above sea level, a beautiful trail leads left into the forest. The trail does have a short climb, but it’s worth it. Your child will probably have to push the bike. Once at the top, a beautiful trail awaits you in the direction of Davos Dorf. If you are interested, you can watch a video to get more information!

 2. Round trip in Davos 

For a flat route without a trail, you can follow the Landwasser from Davos Frauenkirch to Lake Davos. A visit to the lido is definitely worthwhile and there is also a recommendable restaurant called Bachi’s Strandbad.Click here for more information!

3. From Tschugen to Davos 

For children with sufficient mountain bike experience, we recommend the trail from Tschugen in Davos. To reach the entrance, it is best to use the shuttle service. For a detailed description of the route, we recommend the corresponding video on our YouTube channel.

By the way: For children who want to ride a pump track, we recommend the Davos Adventure Park.