Why Ride and Smile is the Best Ski School in Davos?


First of all, let’s make it clear: Ride and Smile is not only a ski and snowboard school in Davos Klosters. Beyond that, we are ready to offer you a memorable experience in the region, in summer and winter.

Ride and Smile Ski and Snowboard School in Davos Klosters 

Our philosophy in slope is “Ride and Smile is the best way to learn”. We ally the technique that you need to improve your skiing to time. We believe that if you enjoy the day, the scenery, the company and you have fun, everything goes so much easier. Explain something is essential, and surely it’s necessary before a sportive practice, but after the explaining, comes the skiing, and that is what we do. Skiing much as we can without unnecessarily breaks – no worries about time to start or even to stop – we call that Unlimited Ski. Yes, we will end when the customer decides it is time to stop!

Ride and Smile services off the slopes? Yes, for sure!

Indeed, experiences are incredible on the slopes. However, our complementary services make the difference also off the slopes: Our ski school runs along our exclusive service. That is so because we believe that perfect ski vacations do not begin or end on the slopes. Therefore, Ride and Smile extends its Concierge Service services off-piste. Our primary goal is to follow your wishes: If you want to have a great time, maybe with a glass of wine, nice lunch in the right places and allow the sun fulfil your heart, Ride and Smile is also specialised in that – making it a perfect ski day for you!

Why Ride and Smile is the Best Ski School in Davos?

It is primarily focused on your skiing, but also on making sure you and your family have the best ski holidays, since it takes care of all details:

  • Equipment – we advice on choosing the best tools options, whether for renting or buying;
  • Restaurant reservation – a tour gets even more special with a delicious meal. We can recommend restaurants so that we can make sure that everything we offer is exactly what you have been looking for;
  • Nightlife tips – enjoy the beautiful nights in Davos and Klosters; here, everything is unique;
  • Lift passes – so you can move up and downwards fast and without queues.

  And the best news: All is included in the contracted services of the ski school Ride and Smile