Snow Sports adventure yourself in the Swiss Alps – Davos Klosters


Certainly, this is one of the best times of the year for practising sports in the Swiss Alps region. Those who visit the region are dazzled by so many walking options and sporting activities such as skiing in the alps and off-piste skiing.

Visitors and lovers of snow sports are introduced to these and other activities by ski school in Davos Klosters like Ride and Smile.

In addition to being a ski school, Ride and Smile also offers transport and concierge services, bringing people to the region’s main tourist attractions.

Want to know which sports and leisure activities you can enjoy in the Swiss Alps, especially in Davos Klosters? Check out the options Ride and Smile has set for you!

Snow Sports: Alpine skiing

Alpine skiing is one of the sport that most catches the attention of tourists during the winter. Skiing in the Swiss Alps is one of the greatest amusements for those who know the Davos Klosters region.

Davos is linked to the Klosters area, and together they offer resorts with slopes ideal for skiers from basic to expert. There are clues for all levels.

In total, there are over 300 km of slopes and 57 lifts that transport people daily to the ski slopes high in the mountains.

Snow Sports: Snowshoe walking

In Davos, tourists can experience the Snowshoe walking. In this activity, visitors walk in the deep snow wearing special shoes, which does not require many skills to be worn.

The trail can be experienced in both bad weather and sunny days. So, it is possible to know stunning places while practising the sporting modality.

Also, Snowshoe walking is combined with other Ride and Smile schedules to serve customers. One of the favourite programs of many of them is the Snowshoe walking in Sertig Tal. After making the snowshoe trail in the snow, tourists relax with a region wine tasting.

Snow Sports: Off-piste Skiing

Off-piste skiing is practised in the mountains and Swiss Alps, where there is no specific trail or signposting. That is, the sportsman/practitioner has a free route of choice.

In Davos Klosters the possibilities for the practice of off-piste are numerous. Ride and Smile knows all the secrets and best places to practice it. Ride and Smile can trace the best routes and knows where the powder snow is.

This mode of skiing in the snow in Davos requires much more skills on the part of the skier. That’s because he can travel through steeper areas and with challenging descents!

Ski School in Davos Klosters

Ride and Smile instructors offer all the support that amateur and professional skiers need to get down the mountains as they have a team with the highest Snowsport certification.

Wish to enjoy the thrill of snow skiing in Davos Klosters? Talk to the Ride and Smile instructors!