Mountain Bike Trails in Grisons – with GPS and videos!


Explore the mountain bike paradises: The breathtaking Graubünden trails are waiting for you!

Look forward to the fascinating world of Graubünden trails in Switzerland. With its breathtaking scenery and challenging trails, Graubünden is a paradise for mountain bikers of all experience levels, from beginners to professionals.The great thing is that in Graubünden hiking trails are also accessible for mountain bikers.This opens a wide range of possibilities and trails with different
levels of difficulty are available.

Experience the diversity of Graubünden

To help you choose the right trails, we have compiled various tours with accompanying videos in this blog post. Each video presents trails of different difficulty levels to give you a better idea of what to expect.By the way, public transportation and mountain railroads in Graubünden allow the easy transport of mountain bikes, increasing accessibility to the impressive trail network of 4500 kilometers. Explore the various Graubünden trails and experience an unforgettable mountain bike adventure. We will be happy to accompany you on your journey through the fascinating world of mountain biking.

Trail tips in the Engadin

Discover the beauty of the forests, valleys, mountain lakes and glaciers and experience unforgettable adventures on the mountain bike trails in Engadin.

A mountain biking paradise awaits you with impressive trails and unique highlights. With more than 400 kilometers of perfectly signposted routes, mountain bike enthusiasts get their money’s worth here.An absolute highlight is the ride from Piz Nair at an altitude of 3057 meters, from where you can enjoy a breathtaking panorama. In addition, cross-border trails offer the possibility to go all the way to Italy and back.

St.Moritz – Maloja – St.Moritz (S2-S3)

Experience the adventure in the Engadin as a passionate mountain biker. An exciting mountain bike tour for advanced riders leads from St. Moritz to Maloja in the Upper Engadin. The trail brings you through the picturesque Suvretta area and offers spectacular views of the lakes of Silvaplana and Sils/Segl. The technically demanding descent to Maloja (S3) provides interesting challenges and ends at the train station in St. Moritz.

 Pontresina – Poschiavo (S2)

Discover the beauty of this region on a great mountain bike expedition. Explore the mountain bike route of the Bernina Express, which starts in Pontresina and leads with a medium level of difficulty (S2) through the high valley Engadin to the southern Valposchiavo. After an eventful day, a relaxing return journey by train from Poschiavo awaits you, perfectly rounding off this tour.

 National Park Bike Marathon – Stage 1: Scuol – Tschierv (S1)

Enjoy a technically easy bike tour that takes you through the beautiful Val S- charl and over the Pass da Costainas. During the tour you will be accompanied by a unique landscape, along a mountain stream and through sparse pine forests. Take time to stop in the charming hamlets of S-charl and Lü. This stage not only offers scenic beauty, but also the opportunity to recharge your batteries before continuing your tour. If you are in S-Charl, you should not miss this pearl in the Engadine Alps.

We recommend you to stay at the Hotel Crusch Alba, where you can have an excellent meal or even stay overnight.

 National Park Bike Marathon – Stage 2: Tschierv – Livigno (S1)

How about a technically easy bike tour through the picturesque Val Mora to Lago di S. Giacomo di Fraéle and Alpisella? After a steep descent you will finally reach Lago di Livigno, where the tour ends in Livigno. The National Park Bike Tour in the section Tschierv-Livigno is an absolute must for nature lovers and enthusiastic cyclists.

 National Park Bike Marathon – Stage 3: Livigno – S-chanf (S1)

The route begins with a challenging climb to the highest point of the route, the Chaschauna pass (2694 m). After the summit, a nice descent through the Val Chaschauna to S-chanf awaits you. Stage 3 of the National Park Bike Marathon offers both sporting challenges and the opportunity to enjoy the impressive nature of the region.

Livigno – Ofenpass (S1)

The tour starts in Livigno and is a technically easy bike tour. It leads through the idyllic Val Pila to the beautiful Lago di San Giacomo and on to Val Mora to the Ofen Pass. Although the tour is classified as easy, there is a steep climb from Alp Mora to Jufplaun that can be a little challenging. However, the Livigno- Offenpass tour offers an overall pleasant and relaxing tour, especially with an e-bike.

 Trail tips in Davos Klosters

Davos Klosters is known as the hotspot for single trails in the Alps. With over 700 kilometers of trails, the region offers a diverse selection for mountain bike enthusiasts. The varied trails and the impressive mountain panorama promise an unforgettable riding experience. No matter if you are a beginner or a professional, in Davos Klosters everyone will find the right trails to enjoy the beauty of the landscape and the fascination of mountain biking.

Davos – Bergün (S2-S3)

This alpine route is a real adventure. It leads through the Dischma Valley and over the Scalettapass and offers beautiful views. A highlight of the tour is the Kesch hut on Piz Kesch. The route continues past the picturesque Ravais-ch lakes and finally ends in Filisur. Ideal for a two-day tour with an overnight stay at the Kesch hut, this route offers an fantastic experience in the Swiss Alps.

 Chörbschhorn (S2)

Near Davos there is an inconspicuous peak that offers one of the longest single-trail descents in the region. A particularly rewarding experience is to start the tour in Klosters. However, it should be noted that the Panorama Trail is often used by hikers in the afternoon. We therefore recommend riding the route rather in the morning or in the evening.

Pischa trail (S2)

This trail is a favorite among mountain bikers. The trail starts in Davos-Dorf and leads through the Aebiwald into the Flüela valley along the Flüela stream to the Tschuggen inn. From there, the trail becomes steeper and more challenging, but still rideable.

After the alpine hut on the Tschuggenberg, an impressive panoramic trail awaits you up to the mountain station of the Pischabahn. Although the mountain restaurants are closed in summer, the place offers a great backdrop for a picnic.The following section of the trail over the Pischagrat and the steep flank of Drusatscha to the blue Davos Lake is an absolute highlight and is one of the best trails in the Davos Klosters region. A must for all mountain bike lovers!

Davos – Arosa – Chur (S2)

This tour is perfect for advanced mountain bikers and e-bike riders looking for new experiences. It starts in Davos and passes through various towns, including Langwies and Arosa. The varied landscape and the diversity of trails along this route offer a complete and challenging riding experience.

 Trail tip for the Flims Laax Falera region

The Flims Laax Falera region offers an extensive network of trails for mountain bikers. With 330 kilometers of trails stretching through the impressive mountain landscape of Graubünden and the Rhine Gorge, it is an attractive destination for biking enthusiasts.The bike trails in LAAX include various types of routes, including flow trails, freeride routes and high alpine single trails. There are also special Pump n’ Play offers designed for young bikers to gain their first experience in mountain biking.

Flims – Tamins (S2)

The Flims region offers excellent opportunities for unforgettable e-bike tours early in the biking season. A particularly recommended route is the tour from Flims to Tamins. This tour is particularly suitable for experienced MTB riders who can safely ride on single trails. You can find more details about the route in the accompanying video. Get ready for an exciting biking experience!

 Bike Kingdom

Get to know the Bike Kingdom, the largest connected bike area in Switzerland! The regions of Arosa, Lenzerheide and Chur in the northern part of the canton of Graubünden offer an impressive combination of two bike parks, twelve mountain railroads and bus and train lines. In Graubünden, every trail is also an MTB trail, which means that in the Bike Kingdom, hundreds of kilometers of trails and countless tours are waiting to be conquered by mountain bikers.

Trail tip Lenzerheide – Chur (S1-S2)

Discover the route from Lenzerheide to Chur with various options for mountain bikers. Even if the route does not offer great riding challenges, the ride is exciting and versatile. This is because the trail offers a mix of different types of terrain and riding experiences.We recommend riding this tour in spring or autumn, when nature unfolds its splendor of colors or there is still snow on the mountains.

You want to be always up to date in the Graubünden mountain bike world and not miss any adventure? Then visit our page regularly. We will keep adding new tours and information to this post.