Avalanche Course

Duration: 8:30 – 16:00
1-2 persons CHF 460
Extra person CHF 40

Why to choose Ride and Smile:

  • Competent ski instructors with years of experience in the terrain
  • Compact and practical information on tour planning and the avalanche bulletin
  • Information on the correct handling of the avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe
  • No surcharge for families
  • Max. 8 Persons per group



Avalanche Course in Davos Klosters

Are you planning a trip away from the groomed ski slopes? Many winter sports enthusiasts are fascinated by driving in deep snow in untouched terrain. Without a basic knowledge of the avalanche danger, such an experience is not recommended. You should be able, for instance, to correctly assess the snow quality and weather conditions on an off-piste tour.

Book our avalanche course from Ride and Smile, especially if you have little experience in open terrain. As part of our safety training, we will show you how to handle a so-called avalanche transceiver and how to use a shovel and probe. You will also learn to fundamentally assess slope inclinations – and of course how to master your first descent off-piste.

Be safe even in untouched terrain

Competent planning of a tour in open terrain also plays a decisive role in order to avoid dangerous situations from the outset. We will show you how you can easily plan a tour yourself with the White Risk tour program. Only those who plan a tour properly can really enjoy the trip.

During a practice tour in the field, you will have the opportunity to test an emergency situation. How do you recognize an avalanche danger? What should you do in a descent of an avalanche ? How can you get out of the situation if possible? And how do the tools from the emergency equipment (avalanche transceiver, avalanche probe, avalanche shovel, avalanche airbag backpack) help you? We will provide you with competent and practical answers to all of these questions as part of our avalanche course.

By the way, did you know that the avalanche bulletin is prepared in Davos? The avalanche and snow report is compiled by the Avalanche Research Center (SLF) and is published daily in winter. If you want to take a look behind the scenes of the institute, why not book one of the guided tours of the SLF. In this way you can get to know the different areas and learn what the research looks like.

For more information click here: https://www.davosklostersmountains.ch/de/mountains/winter/live-info/schnee-lawinenbericht

Book our avalanche course from Ride and Smile, in order to learn how to move safely outside the marked slopes, too!

Looking forward to what else to do during winter in Davos Klosters? Check out our blog for more information.



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