Hiking Guide

Duration: 1 day (7 hours)
1 – 4 Persons CHF 380
Extra Person CHF 20

No surcharge for families.


Hiking Guide in Davos klosters, Switzerland 

The region around Davos Klosters can also be explored on foot! Book one of our hiking guides from Ride and Smile and look forward to an unforgettable excursion through one of the most diverse landscapes in Switzerland.

The great thing about hiking is that you can start straight away without any specific equipment or prior knowledge. Let us put together a route that perfectly suits your individual needs and ideas. We know that it is often difficult to make the right choice given the wide range of options. In addition, the most beautiful and special hiking trails are usually not that easy to find on maps.

Thanks to their many years of experience and local knowledge, our hiking guides are very familiar with the terrain and can thus lead you to very special places, such as crystal-clear mountain lakes, sparkling waterfalls, breathtaking peaks or sunny side valleys.

If interested, we can also arrange a nice picnic during the trip at a place where you have a fantastic view over the mountain scenery, or we can combine the tour with an overnight stay in one of the famous Swiss huts.

Davos Klosters has a total of around 700 kilometers of hiking trails. There are also various themed trails especially for families that combine hiking with knowledge and entertainment.

Are you curious? Then do not hesitate and let our team at Ride and Smile put together more information for you!

Why to choose Ride and Smile:

  • Customized tours for every level
  • 100% hiking without worries
  • No surcharge for families
  • Comprehensive advise on all activities around Davos Klosters to guarantee the best summer holidays

Looking forward to what else to do during summer in Davos Klosters? Check out our blog for more information.


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