Private Ski Lesson for kids

Duration: 1 day (7 hours)
1-2 persons CHF 400
Extra person CHF 20

Why to choose Ride and Smile:

  • Private ski lesson with an individual focus on each child
  • No surcharge for families
  • Ski instructors specially trained to attend children’s needs
  • A dynamic and playful learning
  • Teaching techniques based on positive reinforcement


Kids Ski Lessons in Davos Klosters 

Would you like your children to have fun skiing and learn the most important tips and tricks right from the start? Then we recommend our private ski lessons for children from Ride and Smile!

A positive learning environment and fun are in the foreground

A decisive advantage of our private ski lessons for kids is that we focus exclusively on your child, with its individual needs and what learning tips and training it requires. With us, the little ones learn only by being positively encouraged for their successes. In this way we promote their self-confidence and allow every child to learn to ski in its own way – adapted to their talents and natural limits.

Our ski instructors never exert pressure during lessons, which automatically avoids stress and disinterest in the children. Because for us at Ride and Smile, fun and games are clearly in the foreground when learning. In this way we create a dynamic learning atmosphere instead of repeating the same exercises over and over again. Every age needs special attention.

We offer individual support that introduces the little ones step by step and in a playful way to skiing. Our ski instructors are specially prepared for teaching children and always adapt to their learning pace. In addition, we draw great attention to explaining the most important safety rules on the slopes right from the start, so that they can be safe without being accompanied.

Skiing with kids in Davos Klosters

The Davos Klosters region is well prepared for families. In addition to numerous leisure activities, the Madrisa kids’ area in Klosters and the Rinerhorn children’s area in Davos are particularly attractive. In addition  so-called magic carpets, various other aids are available to help children make their first attempts on skis. In the Rinerhorn Kinderland there is even a dwarf course waiting for the little guests, including a witch forest and special ski seesaw.

Book one of our ski instructors for private ski lessons for kids from Ride and Smile!

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