We are always considering what’s best for you, so Ride and Smile has listed some of the best restaurants in town and explains why you got to visit all of them!

Besides being able to enjoy your summer or winter vacation, Klosters is a paradise where you can find incredible options for restaurants that can make your moments even more enjoyable. This village makes your visit unique and very special if you know where to go.

We also would like to remind you that during the high season it’s necessary to plan and book in advance the chosen restaurant, ok? You can do that through us! Yes! That is one of the services that Ride and Smile offers because we wish you have a perfect time, stress-free.

Enjoy the list and be free to ask us any questions! If you need help, don’t hesitate to call us.

List of the best Restaurants in Klosters


Since the 1980s in Monbiel (a village in Klosters at 1,300 m altitude), Höhwald was a place where the hunters met to celebrate their “trophies”. The whole wood restaurant is one of our favourites, and it is owned by the Dietrich family.

By the way, the restaurant is in the Guide Michelin list, and you can go there in winter or summer.
Most of the products are made within the restaurant since the use of regional products is a priority to keep the old traditional concept. They are always thinking about the customer and sustainability issues. You will feel the atmosphere as soon as you step on the spot for the first time.

Hotel Wynegg

A traditional place with a touch of modernity; a beautiful place to visit especially to see its inside. It’s an old fashion location with much history and a familiar atmosphere.
They also have a seasonal menu, diverse and complete. They are traditional but, at the same time, there is a modern style with the chef’s Andri Fasser touch! You’ll feel the home-style cooking and fresh cuisine. If you’re visiting Klosters in the summertime, you have to relax in their garden terrace with a drink while kids play outdoors.


We recommend Walserhof to a couple’s dinner or with friends. The service is very friendly, and their menu is small but very inspiring, and the charming atmosphere is very cosy and romantic. Make your choice and ask for wine – the only doubt you’ll have is to choose a season to go: winter or summer?
Chef Jos Keurentjes is responsible for the well-being of his guests and does it in the best way. Be prepared to have him sharing your table!


If you want to relax, enjoy the view – especially in summer. Alpenrösli is not only a restaurant. It is 1,450 m above the sea level and away from the noise and agitation of everyday life. Be sure that nature will surround you. In the winter, by day or night, it’s possible to return to Klosters by sledge. Enjoy the experience while you’re there.
They see culinary as art and quality is their top priority, especially for their chefs, Jos Keurentjes and Fränzi Mohn. You can choose wine and get ready to have a good meal because they are always looking at the details.
Our essential tip: In winter, if you go by car, after parking you need a 20-minute walk. Only taxis can get to the restaurant.

Teehütte – Selfranga

Small and cosy, this restaurant has the ski cabins charm, and it’s perfect for big groups. With a privileged location, it’s near the best places according to the seasons – in the summer, is next to the golf course and, in the winter, to the ski lift from Selfranga.
The menu is diverse. Much of the ingredients come from the region and are always renewed. In the summer, there are light meals, both at lunch and dinner. Moreover, in the winter, you can enjoy French fries at lunch and fondue at dinner with friends and family. Also, it’s a perfect spot for dinner and snowshoe walking during the full moon whit Ride and Smile. And if it’s Wednesday, you can go there after a night skiing as the slopes are open!

Alte Post Hotel Restaurant

Are you a meat lover? Then you’ll be in the right place! They offer a lot of different meat cuts, an open grill and show cooking. They also have a whiskey bar with over 70 different types of the beverage. It is a good option both in summer and winter.

  • Phone: +41 081 534 33 80


If you want to go out and meet some friends, have a drink and chat, we recommend Bärs at the Hotel Piz Buin. The atmosphere is pleasant and comfortable. If you are accompanied by children, they have toys at the bar, and it’s possible to use the hotel’s playground. Don’t forget: In summer, the terrace on the edge of the river Lanquart is spacious and suitable for children, too.
Here is the best tip: To keep up with the drinks, we recommend the flammkuchen or the hamburgers. Don’t you know the flammkuchen? It’s a typical German food (it comes from the Alsace region) that remembers a pizza, but it has a very thin and crunchy dough. Well, the traditional cover is also different. It does not take cheese nor tomato sauce, and onion is a classic ingredient.

Chesa Grischuna

Inside the Hotel Chesa Grischuna, it is a very traditional place. Since 1938, it has been serving an excellent traditional Swiss food. If you’re looking for bright and happy nights with a piano gig, you have to go down and visit the hotel bar.
The hotel is called Hollywood on the Rocks because writers and personalities from the film industry have travelled to Klosters and stayed at the hotel at that time. You can enjoy the place both during summer and winter.

Alp Garfiun

After a nice walk, if you want to top off with a lunch or dinner, Alp Garfiun is undoubtedly a good choice. Their speciality is the Swiss cuisine, and their menu has soup and fondue.
It doesn’t matter if you choose to walk, to ride a bike or ride a carriage: You will love it! If you go there in the winter, every Thursday they offer a cheese fondue that chats with a romantic carriage ride – by appointment, so don’t forget to schedule. On Saturdays, you can have a fondue evening (chinoise or cheese). Try a fine barley soup or the “Bündner Plättli”.
In the summertime, you can enjoy the good weather and the view from the mountains. Their terrace is incredible; there are kids playground and beautiful landscapes. We’ve been there, and it’s worth it!

Kaffee Klatsch

Their two units are an excellent option for a coffee or a brunch in winter or summer. The unit next to the Gotschna entrance it’s wider and a good choice before skiing.
They use selected ingredients, and we recommend you to try their sweets. Order your dish and enjoy the beautiful mountains on their terrace. Fancy an ice cream? They have 11 different flavours.
Summertime is good for their summer dishes (a salad for example), a variety of drinks and delicacies they daily offer while enjoying the mountain air. Our best tip: You got to try a pie. It’s amazing!

Gotschna Restaurant – Serneus

One thing we can say for sure: You are always welcome here! The owners are amiable and can give you useful tips about the regional wines.
You can try some local or international dishes because they also have Asian specialities like sushi, sashimi, curries, Asian snacks and more – all very fresh and tasty.
In summer, it is possible to enjoy an outdoor meal in their garden area. Have a nice lunch, dinner, coffee with cake, or apero.

Berghaus Erika

Looking for a rustic and cosy place? Erika is the answer. Their restaurant is quaint and folksy, perfect to enjoy in summer or winter.
If you go in the summer, it’s possible to arrive walking, but be prepared to do so for nearly one hour or one hour and a half. Moreover, if you get tired, you can sleep in the mountains; their accommodations are also fabulous. Going by car is very fast: 10 minutes and you are there! Our tip: They can issue the required street permit for CHF 10, valid for 24 hours, meaning you can drive up to Schlappin without the permit and purchase it when you get there.
In the winter, it changes a little bit: It’s only reached by the Madrisa cable car and with skis. If you’re going to stay a minimum of three nights, the luggage transport is for free!

Have I heard ‘pizza’?

Al Capone

It has a prime location since it’s on the main street. Their pizza has a thin crust, and they can advise about the best wine to go on with. Italian food is also offered, and it’s a popular meeting place in all seasons.

Madrisa Mia

That is a familiar restaurant with wood oven pizzas and others Italian specialities. If you choose Madrisa, don’t forget to take a look at their website to see the operating hours in winter and summer.

Both Al Capone and Madrisa are open in the winter and summer and have a takeaway service if it suits you better.

How about allying a snowshoe walking during the day or night, or riding a bike and having dinner or lunch in one of these restaurants we recommend? You can be in a group, be a couple or a whole family – allow Ride and Smile to organise a complete tour and take you to a good place to have a meal in Klosters.

Schedule your trip and prepare to have a good time!

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