Davos Klosters is among one of the most famous destinations when the question is where to spend skiing holidays – that is no news -, but maybe you do not know that the summer there does not fall short, not at all!
So if the idea is to connect with nature, relax, practice sports or find activities for the whole family, yes: The answer is Davos Klosters.

Jakobshorn, Madrisa, Parsenn, Pischa, Rinerhorn and Schatzalp

All mountains are specially prepared to welcome guests in the summer. Ski slopes give way to hiking and mountain biking trails; there are 700 km of marked paths which are open for mountain bike too, as this is one of the most relevant sports in the region. Discover more trails with a MTB guide.

One of our favourite hiking tracks is in the Sertig Valley, in Davos. The site holds idyllic alpine farms, with long green pastures. On the side of the valley, they become forests rich in flora and fauna; views are panoramic and breathtaking.

The construction of its village dates back to the 13th century – an immersion into history. Also, drop by the highly recommended Bergführer Restaurant: 450 years of tradition!

The local road is great to cycle, and no mountain bike is needed – a nice regular bike is enough for the path. The region is beautiful all year long, no matter if it is summer or winter, and it is easy to reach: Get a public bus from Davos Platz.

Another place to visit is the Monstein Village, only 15 minutes by bus from Davos Platz. The small village is situated 1,625 meters above the sea level, and it is home to 190 inhabitants.The brewery in Monstein is one of the highest ones in Europe. BierVision Monstein is famous for its speciality beers, and its guided tours every Friday include beer tastings of the five varieties they produce.

In Klosters, Vereina Valey is definitely a place to be, a magical site in the middle of the mountains where remoteness and wildness are preserved until today. For a complete experience in this amazing place,try to spend the overnight in Berghaus Vereina,1942m

The road offers a pleasant trip along the water and has some spectacular views. For lazy days you can get there by bus or van from Gotschna Sport shop – check timetables on their website.

Oh, are you more an air person than earth one? So, try the paragliding practice in PARSENN and JAKOBSHORN – perfect places for it!

Kids and families:

Kids and families are very welcome in Davos Klosters; you will find a range of different activities for them.


Lake Davos is very inviting for a family day out. In addition to the traditional sports of the area, there are various water sports possible to practice: Sailing, windsurfing and kayaking are likely, thanks to the prevailing breezes – some of the activities are assisted.

Try stand-up paddling, wakeboarding or even a pedal boat riding with children by the 3.8 km of the lake.
Some restaurants are found by the water, so seize the opportunity to bring something for the tame squirrels’ snack as they will meet you in the wooded areas.

If your family is the adventurous type, head to Adventure Park Davos Färich. There you will find all-day programming, with high wire and cycling park for adventurers of all ages and abilities. That is the kind of place where you have ladders, rope nets, swinging bridges and treetop climbing walls.

SCHATZALP offers a wealth of diverse attractions – hiking, walking and visiting the Alpinum. Enjoy the view in one of the many mountain restaurants; you can even spend a night in the historic hotel.
However, definitely, the summer tobogganing is the most significant attraction: It runs 2.5 km long in 18 corners through the magical forest of Schatzalp. It is a great experience for older children and teenagers.

RINERHORN is a complete place for the family, also preferred by locals. The Rinerhorn Alpine Petting Zoo is a fabulous attraction: It is close to the area mountain station. More than watching, children may touch and pet sheep and llamas – the little ones love it! There are playgrounds, campfire and single trails.

Barbecue and hiking:

There are many barbecue places where you will find dry wood, so you only need to bring food and drinks and get started with family and friends!

The lake in Davos Laret is one of our favourite places for that! It is very close to Davos, which offers a beautiful little lake with some free barbecue spots and the lovely piece landscape. Davos Laret is a train station on the Landquart-Davos railway line, and trains stop there every two hours.


MADRISA, that is the must-see mountain for families: It houses the Madrisa Land!
There are lots of activities and slides for various ages – park’s slides, climbing walls, tree houses and the zip line, reserved for the brave ones. More family fun? Ride a scooter downhill to Saas!

The site holds a fantastic restaurant with a large terrace, perfect for a sunny day with lots of games and toys to entertain the kids. Parents can comfortably sit on the edge of the park while watching their children having fun. Can you imagine spending the overnight in a Tree House with the whole family?

Hiking and barbecue:

Our favourite place in Klosters is up towards the Alpenrösli. It is on top of the mountain, and you have an entirely stunning view from there. There are a little river and some barbecue spots, where the firewood is kept ready.
If you go by car, you will find a parking lot, but there will be a rest of path to follow on foot – or just take on the walk and get the path on foot.

Klosters has a hiking trail made especially for children: Zwergenweg. While breaking the world there, they listen to a story about the gnomes who live in the forest and meet puppets and activities. As well, its beauty is a delight for adults, while the little ones are captured by the creative trail.

Other activities:

Swimming Pool in Davos: Eau-là-là
The pools are enhanced with lights, water showers, toys for the little kids, and the incredible toboggan in the dark, an attraction for the whole family. Kids love it! Adults can enjoy sauna and spa. The family can spend all day long there.

Outdoor Swimming Pool in Klosters: Strandbad

In hot days, ask for the outdoor pool with the family, which is the best option. There are trampoline and pedal boat on the nearby lake, which counts on a toboggan for all ages. For dusk, the sand volleyball court is a great suggestion.

Kid’s Camp Klosters

A summer camp is a choice if you wish to immerse children in a fun experience. With the part-time or all-day options, they try out various activities and sports.

Beyond sports: Music and culture

Davos Klosters is not only about sports; it offers fantastic music and culture options. The region has unique events during this period; summer and music festivals that take place in many parts of the city.

Davos Klosters Sounds Good takes place in Davos every July. It is known as the “New Orleans Jazz festival in the Alps”, with 15 bands and 96 concerts.

Klosters Music Festival is defined as “the finest music from Klosters to the world”. It started in 2017 and has already been consolidated, helping to establish the region’s name in the musical world.

Do not miss it!

Take time to visit Kirchner Museum, in Davos. Ernst-Ludwig Kirchner, the German Expressionist, spent the last 20 years of his life in Davos. It is in his honour, and it holds more than 1,400 of his paintings, covering his early Expressionist days in Berlin, Munich and Dresden and his later Swiss years.

In Klosters, a great option is the Nutli-Hüschi Folk Museum: Go by yourself – check when it is open! – or book a guided tour, to meet the traditional and regional objects and devices from the 17th to the 19th century there presented. The site was built in 1565, and it holds a barn from the 18th century.

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