Hiking Summer in Davos Klosters

by admin - July 2, 2019 / Sports

Have you considered enjoying the summer for hiking in one of the most beautiful and favourable sceneries in the world?

Hiking is one of the best ways to explore an area, besides propitiating several health benefits, according to many studies – it helps losing weight, preventing heart disease and diabetes, reducing hypertension, and even improving mental health! More and more studies show that mental benefits do exist. Frequently, we hear of people who go out to hike to think, reflect, and make decisions.

In the extremely hectic and hurried world in which we came today, it is normal to feel anxious, tired and overwhelmed. Stress is a serious modern disease and can do much to the body and mind.

Behold, hiking comes as a more than natural treatment: When faced with the incredible scenarios of Davos Klosters and the consequent silence that the sport provides to each of the participants, it is impossible not to breathe deeper and slow and not feel body and mind gradually relax! There is no hurry; there are no delays: you are in one of the most beautiful hiking destinations in the world. Enjoy without moderation!

Moreover, Davos Klosters concentrates several differentiated features, being one of the best places in the world to its practice – there are 700 km of well-marked trails, prepared to welcome people from all over the places.

Beautiful trails for all skills

Davos Klosters has mountains and valleys that are known as some of the most beautiful in the world, and walking, through any hiking trails, is undoubtedly a great option to fully know the area. Tourists can count on the summer to see amazing colourful scenes, with fields of flowers and the live nature.
Routes are well organised to make sure you enjoy your time and skills in the best way; there are grades for difficulty and duration of hiking. Book your hike guide and enjoy your summer holidays.

Hiking with Ride and Smile

Ride and Smile not only offers hike guides who know the most unique places in Davos Klosters but also organises and indicates tracks according to the level and profile of each client. If the idea is to camp on the mountain or to have a special picnic after the hiking day, do not worry. We are here to make sure your adventure will be perfect because we look into every detail to ensure an incredible experience for you and your family.
Ride and Smile plans and organises the entire summer schedule fully customised for you and your family.
Questions? Not sure where to go, what time to leave? Ride and Smile can guide you all the way long – get in touch!

Hiking Summer in Davos Klosters
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